Who was Aphrodite?

2017-06-12 07:58:41

The ancient Greeks, thousands of years ago, had many legends and stories about different gods and goddesses.


 Aphrodite was the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love. The Romans called her Venus. According to the Greek legends, Aphrodite was born from the white foam on the crest of a wave of the sea. Her husband was Hephaestus (called Vulcan by the Romans) the god of metal-working and fire. She was always attended by three beautiful goddesses called the Graces, who were sisters, and threeother goddesses called the Horae, who represented peace, justice and order. 

Certain birds and plants were considered sacred to Aphrodite. These were the sparrow and the dove, the rose, the myrtle, and the apple. One of the legends about Aphrodite is told in the article about ADONIS. Many statues of Venus or Aphroditewere carved by ancient sculptors.

 The most famous of these statues is called the Venus of Alilo because it was found in 1820 in some ruins on the Greek island of Melos. It is now in the Louvre, the great museum of art in Paris, France. Although the arms of the statue were broken off long ago and are missing, it is considered one of the finest examples of ancient Greek art.