Top historical attractions in London

2016-10-17 17:13:03

As one of the world’s major destinations, London has an assured place in every traveller’s heart. While it is ideal to visit the city with the goal of savouring everything it has to offer, often one only has limited time to explore London. So, with that limitation in mind, take note of the following top historical attractions you should zero in on when you’re there.


The British Museum

What can be more historical than the British Museum? It's home to an incredible array of priceless artefacts, works of art, and archaeological pieces that you would never the diversity of anywhere else. Essentially, the British Museum represents two million years of human and prehistoric life, as it houses incomparable treasures from around the world under one roof - from the famous Rosetta Stone (which was instrumental in the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs), to select sculptures from the Parthenon, and even genuine Egyptian mummies.

Buckingham Palace

Members of the UK’s royal family (thanks in large part to the popularity of the late Princess Diana) are among the world’s most visible and beloved figures. That’s why a visit to the Royal Family’s London residence, Buckingham Palace, is a must for any true-blue fan. If you’re lucky and certain members of the Royal Family are in the Palace while you're there, you may catch a glimpse of them at the balcony. It is easy to know if the Queen is in residence: if the royal standard at the flagpole atop the building is flying, Her Royal Highness is in! In the summer, when the Queen spends time in Scotland, tourists can tour the interiors of the Palace and experience its grandeur for themselves - from the State Rooms to the Queen’s Gallery.

Covent Garden

A visit to London would not be truly satisfying without a visit to Covent Garden, with its multitude of shops, fashion boutiques, and various market stalls and cafes. Those who want to do some shopping will have their appetites fully sated here: from the retail shops along Long Acre, to Neal’s Yard, Seven Dials, and the Central Square – where there are also some amazing live performers. Visiting Covent Garden also places you in a good location to visit nearby destinations of note, such as the London Coliseum and Theatre Royal Drury Lane.