Stuffed animal history facts

2016-09-23 13:46:46

According to Mary Hillier, a distinguished historian of the so-called stuffed animal noted an apparent connection in the genesis of English teddy bear.


In case you did not know, President Roosevelt was involved in the origins of our beloved stuffed animal innovation. The fact that Edward VII reined England, whose nickname is Tedd, believes also influenced the popularity of the teddy bear at home. The reason why the teddy bear or teddy bear starts at the time when it does it is extremely complex. They were a set of circumstances and the fact reach society at the time of claiming it, the toy that made this a worldwide success. Begin learning to discover fantastic facts.

It seems as if the year 1903, the world was with open arms to embrace who for many generations has accompanied millions of children around the world: Teddy Bear or Teddy Bear. Copies of stuffed animal bears in the picture are from the early twentieth century. The bear is the bear 1910 and 1928. Importance of attachment dolls. These wonderful and inseparable friends of your children, are so seductive and important that even after losing beauty, color, softness and even parts of it stand still in an incredible emotional for them.

You yourself, as safe adult must understand what it means if you turn your gaze to a beautiful doll that you had once and will be only in your privacy, whether or not to keep still. How can you even use a stuffed animal to be beneficial for your children? Here is a list of ideas, arising only from general experience:

 The most classical to go to sleep when the small does not want to or are unable to sleep "look. And your doll is sleeping and waiting in bed! Are you going to leave him alone? "

 When you get a medicine or food your children dislikes. You'd be amazed to know the amount of certain syrups and medications taken by the stuffed animal.