Culture background of Indian jewelry

2016-05-04 15:25:09

Do you know where the first diamond was found? Do you know the fact that “carat” is invented by Indian? Peopled of the ancient civilization has been in favor of producing lights entwined with colorful brilliance and silence with skilled and traditional crafts to create the most fashion Indian jewelry. 


Indian has been the most jewelry exporter in the world. With strong national characteristics in styling, 24K gold accessory is the main jewelry in the local. With excellent crafts, crafts of the country are famous for their chic, classical, gorgeous and complex characteristics.  Tourists would love Indian jewelry, and it would be the indispensible decoration for daily lives for the native Indians.The symbol for identityFemale Indian jewelry is of various categories, earring, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, hair decorations, frontlets, chest ornaments and anklets would be appeared as stunning. Most Indians take the opinion that jewelry should dominate about a half of the female’s daily life into grant. Females should take full use of jewelry to decoration themselves as beautiful as possible. It is concerned that even those who born in poor family should attach great importance to dress themselves with less expensive metals or plastic jewelry as they can. In some sense, accessory is the symbolization of one’s identity. Jewelry such as silver bell anklets would be the necessary decoration of an Indian bride. According to one local friend, sounds form the ankle bells can avoid the deviant issues of the bride. 

Those who wear lucky gold chains with black beads in Maharastra would be in the married group; sealing star rings in hair in West Bengal is the symbol for being married. Expect in wedding, women should dress themselves beautifully with jewelry as possible as they can when represents social communicating occasions such as birthday parties, friends meeting ect.. Gifts that the elder would give to the younger are regularly jewelry or items related to it. Male adult in Indian would have at least one ring in fingers; some would wear bangles or red lines on wrist to pray for safeties.Celebrity of a wedding would be the best moment for women to show their jewelry. Accounts of wearing accessories would be the important standard to measure the state of the bride’s dowry. However, bride’s jewelry would be varies from different regions. Brides in the southern area would have pierces on both side of the nose and wearing them with nose studs, or they would have the pierce under the left nostril to dress it with a nose ring inlaid with pearls, and toes would have rings as well. Brides in the northern area would wearing gold nose ring and connect it with an exquisite gold chain to have the other hung on ears.Wearing in sets can be authenticIn the Indian women’s opinion, pieces will never be taken as units to count jewelry; it is a whole set that can be the basis to count. From thousands of years, Indian female would decorate themselves with sets of jewelry which would have the fragile sounds when walking, no less than ten kinds of jewelry which have different auspicious connotation would be used to form the unique Indian tradition by reflecting with the original beauty of the wearer.

History of the a jewelry set originated in the pursuit for royal identity, the conservative rulers then desired to manifest their wealth and power with a whole set of jewelry beauty, which later gradually became the most common folk in Indian.Peacock, the national Bird of IndiaThe national bird peacock would be the frequent theme in India accessory design. Among the Hindu system, peacock is the eldest son of Shiva and the mount of the Ares. Later the government officially put blue peacock as the national bird in 1963. In addition, the favorite for nature and lives attract the focus of jewelry making on the beautiful bird, both the shapes of a peacock and patterns on the feather.