Historical monuments in India

Talking about Indian Historical monuments, many places need a mention. However, some of the most popular masterpieces which should be definitely visited are listed in this article. These historical buildings captivate the imagination of all tourists compelling them to revisit India again and again. 

The evolution of bank cards

Merchants handing out credit may be as old as time itself but it can be said that credit cards likely had their origins back in the 19th century.


Antique Poster Art

An antique is defined as an object of immense value and beauty and is more prone to be collected by people interested in collecting antique objects.

Pottery in the ancient Egypt

The history of pottery dates back to any era for ancient Egyptians. Egyptians useful to keep pottery during the tombs. These pottery veins had inscriptions for ancient hieroglyphs fitted, emphasizing the importance Egyptians subjected to life once death.


Dentists in the past

Dentists have long advocated the use oftoothbrushes. Many people are surprised to learn of its history, including the fact that the first true toothbrushes were made form the hair of swine.


The Egyptian Hieroglyph writing

The ancient Egyptian writing which is called hieroglyphics were composed of pictures and drawings. The hieroglyphic alphabets is composed of drawings to symbolize the ancient Egyptian letters


The historical churches of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is today’s capital of Israel. It is one of the most extraordinary places in the world, presenting a unique combination of archaic antiquity, spiritual piety and varied traditions. Only a few places inspire as much as Jerusalem.


History of a Japanese care manufacturer

Many of us have either owned or driven in a Nissan vehicle at one time or another. This Japanese car manufacturer has produced many well regarded vehicles over the years and continues to build strong brand awareness and support. Here’s a brief history of the company.


The Ancient Thiva

Thiva is an ancient name used to denominate part of Thebes, and is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting and appealing destinations in the entire country.


Ghost Castles in England

England is a land steeped in history, tradition and legend. It boasts more than 1400 medieval castles across its countryside, many of which are said to be frequented by ghosts, specters and other supernatural occurrences. 


The history of silver coins

As time went on, folks learned how to make the separation of silver and gold. That was around 560 B.C. So, it came to pass, the new gold coinage.


The story of Goddess Isis

She was the Egyptian goddess worshipped around the world.  Known as the goddess of magic and nature and daughter of the Earth and Sky, Isis was viewed as the ideal wife and mother and unlike many other Egyptian gods, she often dwelled amongst her people offering aid and knowledge.


Historical sights of Bulgaria

Bulgaria emerged as a discrete state during the late seventh century when the Bulgar tribe came together with the local Slavics. The history of the country is twitchy with numerous battles and political upheavals.


The tradition of Mardi Gras costumes

When it comes to Mardi Gras, the natives of New Orleans really know how to celebrate. In a carnival season that lasts from Twelfth Night to Mardi Gras, there are plenty of parties and parades to get into the holiday spirit. 


Historical Gold Coins

Coin collecting is something that dates back to the when coins were first issued for trade. It was only in the Middle Ages that people turned this into a hobby because of the art work and the historical value.


Cyprus and the Roman Empire

Cyprus has seen many invaders and rulers come and go over the years including the Roman empire.


Apollo and the Ancient Greek Gods

Apollo was one of the ancient Greek gods, about whom stories were told thousands of years ago. He was the god of music, poetry, light, and the art of healing. 


St. George, the historical part of Bermuda

For those who stay in Bermuda accommodation in or around St George's, the scope of the town's historical attractions is extensive.


The joy with Renaissance outfit

Favorite historical figure or to fulfill the childhood dream of becoming a fantasy character attendees just jumped upon the medieval costumes.


Greek wine history

Reminiscing about great historical turning points and events evokes images of Greece, particularly since it was where the Olympics originated and it is in Athens where the very famous Acropolis sits. 


Who was Aphrodite?

The ancient Greeks, thousands of years ago, had many legends and stories about different gods and goddesses.


Glasswork history

Throughout the history chandeliers have been used to decorate the interior of important buildings such as castles and palaces all around the world.


Alfonso, the last king of Spain

There have been many Spanish kings named Alfonso, which is a popular name in Spain, but the one remembered best today is Alfonso XIII , who was the last king of Spain.


In the foot steps of Pocahontas

It's the Year of Our Lord 1609. John Smith has left the Virginia Colony's two-year-old settlement at Jamestown to return to England. The natives have only enough food to feed their own population and won't trade with the colonists, who begin taking food forcibly. Smith's fragile truce with the Indians rapidly falls apart. The First Anglo-Powhatan War has started.


The history of electric guitar

When most people think of electric guitars, they think of rock music. But electric guitars are more versatile than you’d think. 


Toga, the Roman suit

The toga, a distinctive garment of Ancient Rome, was a cloth of perhaps 20 ft (6 m) in length which was wrapped around the body and was generally worn over atunic. The toga was made of wool, and the tunic under it often was made of linen. 


Find history in the city of Ronda

The city of Ronda is situated in the midst of the spectacular angular mountains, which loom around it in dark contrast, adding on the full drama of nature in its natural beauty.


Belgium in the past

In ancient times, Belgium was part of the Roman Empire, and through the centuries its territory has belonged to many different nations.