How to furnish your bedroom

2017-05-03 07:27:19

So how is this possible? Today, I m going to tell you how to decorate your bedroom, It is easy. But you should have some knowledge of furnishing.


Furnishing is not about just putting too many big furniture pieces in your bedroom. Don’t fool yourself by doing this; don’t waste your money in this kind of stuffs. 

 There are some things that you should use before furnishing your home.
· Bed frame
· Love seat or small couch
· Mattress
· Curtains
· Night stand or small table
· Bed set
· Dresser
· Desk with chair
Check out some of the below points and you will get a better idea about this.
1. Paint the room with soft color like sky blue, yellow etc or whatever color you like. But it should be soft color. Because of soft color, you will always get a warm and cool feel. Always keep in mind that colors always play a very vital role in furnishing of your room.
1. Always use down earthenware tile or linear-type flooring that can be sprint on the diagonal. The eye chases the appearance on the floor, and the area appears bigger as diagonal lines will be longer than those in a row similar or vertical to the walls.
1. Let the bed remain low down to the floor to decrease its accumulation. You can buy simple metal mattress frame and that is sufficient.  
1. Buy a sleep sofa or futon for your bedroom.

1. If you want to use furniture, try to be specific about it as it can make a mass space and also think of the traffic pattern. What can a well furnished home consist of? A simple bed with a bedside table and some space for chest can be enough for a room to hold.
1. For your bed dressing, you should buy a few colorful pillows and for windows buy some light colored blinds. Light & Soft color provides warmth to the space. You can also decorate your bedroom with Wall papers and Wall hangers.
1. I would suggest for a four-sided lampshade because, I think such type of lamp fits comfortably against the wall and even looks good.
1. Make use of high-wattage brightness bulbs to make the area feel a sense of frankness. A light-flooded area appears extra roomy.