Carpet cleaning tips

2016-03-09 15:05:18

Some people will call a cleaning company in London every month or so to send their professional cleaners to come into their home and perform carpet cleaning in order to ensure that the carpet always remains spotless. 


Unfortunately not everyone can afford this type of luxury and some people will only hire a carpet cleaning service once or twice a year at most. 

For these people though there is an alternative way to ensure that their carpets always look their very best, which involves regularly maintaining your carpet in between visits from the professional carpet cleaners London. 

Vacuum Cleaning 

The most important thing to do is to vacuum clean your carpet on a regular basis. This is enough to remove any loose dirt and dust, but make sure that you vacuum the corners of the carpets with a narrow hose attachment, and don’t ignore underneath the furniture or the dust build up on the skirting boards. 

Removing Odours 

You can remove bad smells from your carpet quite easily. Household smells are often locked into the fibres of your carpet, but putting a bowl of vinegar in the room somewhere discreet can neutralise the smells. 

If you have an open box of baking soda you can sprinkle some over the carpet and leave it overnight to absorb the smell, then simply vacuum carpet the following morning. 

Getting Rid Of Dents 

If you fancied a bit of a swap around of your furniture, but you’re left with indentations in the carpet from the legs, you can level it out again by melting an ice cube into the dent, waiting for it to dry naturally and then vacuuming. 

By performing these simple carpet cleaning tips you can make your clean carpet last longer between professional cleaning.