Outdoor landscaping trends

2020-07-30 06:21:57

Homeowners can use their outside yards to create enjoyable living spaces, and gardens that add instant aesthetic appeal.


One of the biggest landscaping trends for yards of every size and shape?  Edible gardens. Many homeowners find that choosing a place for edible gardens instantly creates parameters and boundaries within their landscapes. Start with simple produce that will thrive in the type of soil you have, as well as the amount of sunlight your backyard receives, to ensure that your project is a smashing success.

Not sure that edible gardens make sense for your outside vision? Opt instead for an ornamental flower garden. Again, noting the type of sunlight your property receives throughout the day is important. However, with a little advance preparation, you can put lovely flowers virtually anywhere throughout your property for optimal visual impact.

Of course, you don't have to dig up your yard and grass in order to enjoy landscape plans.  Potted plants and flowers are also a very popular trend for outside home improvements. Various sized pots can be placed virtually everywhere to create distinctive visual spaces and aesthetic punch.

Sustainability Is Key

Considering planting shrubbery to enhance your landscaping look? Sustainability is a major trend for homeowners. Instead of water guzzling grasses and plants, Look for low-maintenance options such as drought-tolerant shrubs. These hearty plants not only look lovely, but can withstand dry summers and cold winters.

Hard scape are also a popular style for outside spaces. Patios can instantly create distinctive boundaries and break up wide expanses of grass. Stamped concrete is another rising trend. Offering limitless looks and colors, stamped concrete can be used in a variety of ways to add instant aesthetic beauty. Once you've determined where you'll use these hard scape options, consider adding a fire pit to the area. A crackling fire adds ambiance no matter what the weather, and immediately creates a gathering spot for everyone.

Indoor / Outdoor

Still not done creating your outdoor sanctuary? Consider creating indoor living spaces outdoors. There are a host of furnishings built for outdoor enjoyment that offer indoor sophistication. Chairs, tables, curtains and more , can all be moved outside to create defined areas for your family to convene and enjoy each others company.