Checks for men

2018-02-26 14:57:29

The fashion world often stands accused of being horribly elitist. You can see why, but occasionally the charge seems a little unfair.


 After all, there's something oddly egalitarian about the range of trends that each new season brings with it. Search among them and you find something for everyone, and spring and summer 2018 are no exception.

For those doughty souls who live on the bleeding edge of couture, there are jackets made of paper and shorts made of patent leather, the latter resembling something Tom Of Finland might have drawn but rejected because they looked a bit too gay. For those driven by an unquenchable desire to look like an idiot, there are skin-tight Lycra swimming trunks and, better still, a game attempt afoot to encourage men to start wearing women's wigs.

For everyone else, there's checks, which are currently in abundance. There are checks of every kind, from gingham to plaid to clashing patchwork, and stuck on pretty much everything, too: shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, cardigans. Checks are the one pattern that men are unafraid of wearing, even those who, for some unfathomable reason, balk at the prospect of going out in a pair of patent-leather shorts and a woman's wig.

That said, you might consider treading carefully when it comes to check suits. Some of the louder designs are capable of making anyone look like one half of a music-hall double act. Should you doubt this, men's fashion magazines are currently teeming with pictures of fine-boned, fathomless-eyed Italian models resplendent in retina-sizzling suits, and every last one of them looks as if they're about to wink in a wildly exaggerated manner and tell a joke about the King and that bloomin' Mrs Simpson.