Smart grocery shopping

2017-08-14 18:00:20

Grocery shopping is one of the first places you can learn how to be frugal. I am amazed when I go to the grocery store how many times people are spending so much more money than myself and getting half the amount of stuff I have within my cart. Here are just a few ways you can learn to cut back on your grocery bill.


There are many people who take the time to cut their coupons, but there are few who have them organized in such a way that they get used. Here are a few suggestions for learning how to be an effective coupon-cutter.

First, if you do not possess an organizer for your coupons I would make a run to your local dollar store and purchase one of these along with a small set of scissors that you can carry with you for any surprise coupons you might run across while you are out.

Once you have your organizer you can began clipping your coupons and putting them within their appropriate section. I found that by splitting my coupons into sections though I would end up with lots of expired coupons and it also created another chore for me which was to clean my organizer out. If you find this system works for you, by all means, continue with it. If you are like me, however, and you don’t have time for extra chores like organizing then I would suggest my organizational method. What I do is cut all of my coupons and group them into one pile and organize them by date so that I know that the coupons on top are the ones that need to be used the soonest. It does make it more difficult to find one particular coupon because it is not in a category, but you also end up using more of your coupons because you are more aware of their time frame.

Another great place to look for coupons is on the actual web site for the items you use the most. This is especially handy if you are buying diapers, baby food or formula. If you sign up with many of these companies they will in turn send you lots of coupons and magazines through the mail. Don’t limit yourself to just baby items though because many of the foods you buy have coupons you can print for free on their web sites.