Jewels and their meaning

2016-12-12 19:33:07

In the most romantic movies, in the sweetest dreams of many young women, on the pages of love novels, the main scene is always the same: the charming prince in his hose or dressed in a more modern way, who gets down on his knees, shows his beloved a ring and asks her for her hand.


 The engagement ring, indeed, like many other types of jewels, is not a present like any other one, it is not just a precious object, it is much more: it is a symbol, a seal, an object that refers to something deeper. Certainly for many women a ring is also a synonym of preciousness, but we cannot deny that jewels, most notably rings, are always appreciated also because they are not common gifts, which are often given, on the contrary they are given only on special occasions, when you want to underline the importance of a relationship and of your feelings.

Moreover, jewels are not always interchangeable, in the sense that some jewels are more suitable than other ones in given occasions. The most evident example is the engagement ring. The ring that every fiancée wish to have is the traditional solitaire, the engagement ring par excellence, the light point that on the hand of a girl has just one meaning: I am officially engaged. Certainly there are various types and sizes of solitaires, but in this case size does not always matter: the important thing is that it is bright, thus if you have to choose between a small but bright diamond and a bigger but less bright solitaire you should choose the first one. In any case, this type of ring is the symbol of love, eternity, fidelity, purity and tenaciousness. And no matter if the couple split off in spite of  this seal.
Apart from the solitaire, which is used as engagement ring and is considered as the symbolic jewel par excellence, there are other jewels that are notably suitable to be given on a special occasion. For anniversaries, for example, people usually choose bands, sometimes with small diamonds, because bands are conceived to be ringguards, to protect the other rings, and in this sense a band is a good choice as an anniversary gift.
Another important step in the life of a couple, a step that should be celebrated with a symbolic gift, is the birth of a child: in this case people often choose emeralds, because these gems are symbols of fertility. And if the couple have gone through some problems, but they wish to make up and they would like to do so through a gift that is a symbol of this desire to lay down their arms, they might choose a sapphire, which is considered as the gem of peace and harmony. Also rubies are always very appreciated and can be the perfect gift if you wish to point out the beginning of a new happy period: rubies, indeed, are considered as an instrument of vital energy and as an antidote for melancholy.