Ways to stream audio in your home

2016-05-11 15:57:07

Streaming audio is quickly becoming the standard by which consumers enjoy their music. If you’re already subscribing to one or more streaming channels, you understand all the reasons why it’s so great. For those few that have yet to try Pandora or Spotify, you’re missing out.


Streaming services offer a convenient way to access millions of songs without having to pay for every single track like you would if you were to purchase an album or an individual song from say, iTunes or another similar platform. In fact, many streaming services offer completely free versions and others charge nominal monthly fees for near unlimited access to songs. It is without question a far more efficient way to listen to and collect music.

When streaming channels debuted with Rhapsody in 2001, user access was limited to PCs or laptops. With the progression in mobile technology over the next few years, streaming arrived on our smart phones, and now the technology is finally making its way into our homes through stereo speakers- you know, the kind you would play when entertaining.

This advancement is relatively new though, so there are many consumers who simply aren’t aware that they can enjoy the sheer awesomeness of music streaming directly through home speakers. But they should. It’s a game changer for the way you live, relax and party, so here are the basics.

You can choose to stream music through your home speakers by using either a wireless network or Bluetooth connection. Both have distinct benefits and deciding which to use is a personal preference. To help you make the right decision, here’s what you need to know about both.
Wireless Network
Most people already have a wireless network running in their home and the consensus is that streaming audio through a wireless network results in better sound quality. You’re also typically able to connect at longer distances from the receiver.

Bluetooth is better for short distance streaming, as the speakers generally have to be closer to the receiver to work optimally. With Bluetooth, there are two additional options to consider. You can purchase a dock or speaker system that is already Bluetooth equipped. This is a convenient option because it means you won’t have to do any tricky configuration to make it work. The second option is to use Bluetooth for streaming through an existing speaker set you may already own. If you go this route, you’ll need to purchase a Bluetooth adaptor. These nifty plugins work with your receiver and allow you to stream directly from your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Bluetooth and wireless networks are the two main ways to wirelessly stream music. When you’ve made your decision, the next step will be to invest in quality wireless speakers, unless of course you choose the Bluetooth plugin option. If you do decide to invest in new speakers, there’s a large assortment of models available. You’ll want to look for a brand that offers an easy setup, good variety of streaming channels and great sound quality. which offers all of the above, plus plenty of additional perks such as multi-room capability and a simple controller app.