Reasons to visit an Urologist

2016-08-12 16:05:47

We all know that regular checkups at the doctor’s office can prevent a lot of health problems, but not many people actually go through them. 


When it comes to seeing an urologist, a lot of men tend to postpone their visit, which it totally unreasonable. It is best not to wait for the problems to develop and start curing them at the early stages. If you start noticing any of the symptoms listed below, you should certainly see your doctor in order to prevent the complications in the future. Moreover, you should remember that in the majority of cases it’s not enough to buy cheap prescription drugs to fix the problem, but it requires making healthier choices in your life.

Erectile dysfunction

A definite symptom to visit an urologist as soon as possible is the erectile dysfunction. The reasons for this dysfunction can be either physical or psychological, which should be determined by your medical advisor. Depression can play a major role in development of the problem, so if the reasons are psychological, it is advised to visit not only an urologist, but a psychiatrist as well. Erectile dysfunction can actually develop at any age, but most commonly it occurs in men in their 40s and older. Appropriate medication can help deal with this problem quickly and effectively.

Enlarged prostate

Pain in the pelvis or lower back, frequent urges to urinate and weak urine flow can all be the symptoms of prostate enlargement or BHP (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Prostate continues to grow as men get older, but the issues begin when it gets too large and can lead to problems with urination. The treatment of BHP depends on the extent to which the prostate gland has enlarged and the symptoms, which accompany this problem.

Prostate cancer

The statistics regarding prostate cancer is reason enough to visit an urologist. Prostate cancer in the United Stated is second most common reason of cancer death. PSA screenings are used to measure prostate-specific antigen in blood, which is linked to your chances of developing prostate cancer.

Kidney stones

Development of kidney stones is quite a widespread problem among all people. The symptoms, which characterize the appearance of kidney stones, are sharp pain in the lower part of the stomach, back or groin. Kidney stones can cause a very serious damage to your kidneys, so it is essential to take care of oneself, drink plenty of water and consult an urologist as soon as you can.