Perfect food for your oral hygiene

2016-06-10 15:57:24

Your teeth, like the rest of your body, need good nutrition for well-maintained growth and repair, and healthy functioning.


 From preventing dental cavities and other dental diseases to freshening up your breath and whitening your teeth, having a good diet can always beat the fanciest of dental products when it comes to maintenance of your dental health.

Some of the foods on this list are:
Foods rich in minerals:
Acidic and sweet food and drinks cause bacterial growth on the enamel, causing cavities in the long run due to loss of minerals.  the best way to fight cavities is thus to replace the lost minerals by consuming food rich in calcium and phosphorous.

Consuming food like milk, cheese, seafood for calcium and fish, red meat, eggs for phosphorous.

Crunchy food with high water content:
We suggest crunchy food with high water contents as a good way of taking care of our teeth. These foods increase our saliva production, and neutralises bacterial growth. Crunchy food also gently scrubs and cleans teeth surfaces as we eat them. Raw fruits and vegetables are some of the foods which keep healthy both original and dental implants .

Foods rich in Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your whole body, but it is even more essential for healthy dental health. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium better, thus leading to better growth and functioning.

The best source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, fish, egg yolk, etc.

Foods rich in Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is required in the synthesis of collagen, which is essential for dental health.   Orange, kiwi, strawberries and other such fruits and vegetables are good source of Vitamin C.

Foods rich in antioxidants:
Probiotics help in fighting a lot of diseases that might harm our body, and moreover for our teeth, they help in attaining healthy gums and fighting plaque.
Yoghurt, sauerkraut, miso and other fermented foods are good source of probiotics.

Foods rich in anthocyanins, arginine and polyphenols:We  recommend eating berries, eggplants, soy, nuts, tea and meat as the elements in these help build resistive and healthier teeth.