Discover the spring in Provence

2018-05-18 14:19:40

Provence provides a rich and varied  site visitor experience that interest the senses and makes a stay in this area a worthwhile holiday. This picturesque location of France extends from the bottom of the Alps to the Southern Coastal area.


Vacationing in Provence is a thrilling experience that provides numerous ways to enjoy the very best of what Southern France needs to offer. In Provence visitors can see the sights, choose picturesque walks, cycle if they prefer, or merely relax and be pampered in any of the hotels in Provence

Provence offers a rich and diverse  visitor experience that attract the senses and makes a stay in this location a worthwhile vacation. This picturesque area of France extends from all-time low of the Alps to the Southern Coastal area. A journey north takes the visitor to the mesmerizing towns of Avignon (also called the city of the Popes) and Arles, a town that stretches into the rural countryside.

Anticipate a range of experiences during your trip in Provence, from checking out towns and towns to see first-hand the local culture, take pleasure in architecture that display the rich history of the location, and embrace the relaxed pace of town people.

For your holiday accommodation in Provence, think about the charming yet small hotel Lauriers Roses, in Cabrieres. This is one of the best hotels in Provence that fully addresses the visitor's expectations. It is situated in the little picturesque village alongside what is referred to as the Roman Provence. The region is bordered by vineyards from which tasty wines are made, almond and olive trees visible all around, and vast hectares of vegetation where wild lavender, thyme, and rosemary grow in abundance. The scent of the many kinds of herbs and plants from which numerous French perfume are made is an ever present pointer of the appeal and appeal of this area in France.

You do not have to stress over poor weather as the environment in this area is enjoyable and welcoming. You can at any time, and without worry, take journeys and sight-seeing excursions to the many historic monoliths, and ancient caverns, and delight in tasks such as climbing, canoeing, and swimming. Your remain in Provence would be insufficient if you had not visited the striking hilltop villages in the Luberon.

You can be sure to enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals in Provence, and bordering villages who are quite proud of their heritage and cultural life.

Regional goat's cheese, honey made from Lavender, and the wonderful black truffles are amongst the meals you can expect in any hotel in Provence. From the coastal area of Provence, you will get the possibility to take pleasure in excellent fish and shellfish, which are typically prepared with spicy tomato sauces and pastes made from pureed olives and capers.

The most identifiable French bread, the Fougasse is associated with Provence. This loaf is flavored with olives or cheese and sculpted to appear like a sheaf of wheat. You can have Fougasse with any of the various wines produced in Provence.