Countries to retire if you are not rich

2017-03-03 15:44:41

When the carefree aura of youth starts fading, people approaching the age of retirement often give it a thought to retire abroad. Thanks to the cheaper air travel of modern age that has turned the world smaller. 


So you don’t need to bid a goodbye to your family members forever for retiring overseas. But the decision of retiring abroad becomes a bit confusing when you don’t have any idea about which country you should choose for enjoying your post-retirement life.

Here comes the list of top 5 countries on earth where you can retire safely even if you are not rich.


Retirement in Malaysia can be one of the best decisions of your life. Malaysia comes with a bunch of things to-do list. Ranging from its tradition, culture to the delicious food and amenities, you will never run out of things to do. Your plan to stay in Malaysia for long becomes easier when you obtain the MM2H visa. With several benefits  and a low cost of living, your post-retirement life in Malaysia in the midst of Nature will be too exciting. Be it advanced healthcare, education, transportation, property purchase or telecommunication, Malaysia has scored high in all these sectors. Even many retirees find this country cheaper than their native countries and prefer staying here.


If you are seeking a peaceful post-retirement life away from the crowded city life, this South-Asian country is an ideal option for you. With magnificent natural beauty and temples all around, the stunning cuisine and amicable local people of Thailand will convince you to stay here in a long term.


Malta takes pride on its population in spite of being one of the smallest states on earth. With an average temperature of 19-20C, Malta is blessed with 3,100 hours of sunshine throughout the year. Communicating with common people will not be an issue as most of the people in Malta converse in English. Especially, if you are keen about history, Malta will prove to be a very good choice for retirement for you.


Portugal has gained popularity among the retirees for its tradition, history, modern health care facilities and amazing weather. While sharing its time zone with the United Kingdom, this country is quite cheap for the retirees to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a neighboring country of Spain, Portugal offers a sturdy European infrastructure. In fact, the cost of living is quite lower in this country than other European countries and this is the reason why Portugal has been home to a number of European expats.

Costa Rica

In recent years, Costa Rica has come up as a favorite spot for the retirees for mainly its healthy lifestyle. There’s no denying that Costa Rica has a great climate to offer you a healthy lifestyle. As an add-on, you get the opportunity to grow fruits and veggies on your own.