Italian attractions

2016-09-28 15:41:47

Lake Garda in Italy is a unique place that attracts many tourists every year. Italy unquestionably is one of the most beautiful countries in the world today. Here you will find a natural beauty, wonderful climate and fabulous landscapes.


In the north of the country there is the largest and perhaps most beautiful lake - Castle. This unique location attracts many tourists every year. You can visit the lake absolutely anytime of the year! Sultry summer is a resort: in the lake you can swim, sail catamarans, and kayaks and motor ships, stroll along the quays.

This Italian cuisine will tempt you at every corner: from all sides came the aroma of pizza, seafood and roasted vegetables. In winter, the lake organize excursions, and many people combine it with a visit to an active holiday in the Alps that literally surround the lake.

As much as it is large enough, there is always something interesting for tourists to diversify the vacation: north lake is surrounded by the Alps, the south - in the meadows. Every beach, every coastal village - a unique resort with its own micro-climate, entertainment and delights.

The fact that the great cities of Italy can be reached by car or train is very attractive. Thus, the tourist can enjoy not only rest on the lake, but also to visit Venice, Verona or Milan.

Holiday on Lake Garda is not only a fascinating excursion for the whole family, but also the improvement of the whole body surrounded by the Alps!

Isle of Capri is a very attractive place. Modern sea cave is a consequence of more recent sea level rise. First people thought that the flooding of the sea caves happened after the era of ancient Rome, and it has been known as Blue Grotto. However, after the research it must be assumed that the sea level was at the height of the modern in the ancient times. In other words, the cave flooding occurred much earlier.
It is still hardly possible to determine the chronology of the various stages of cave formation, although it is known that in the last glacial period, the sea level around the globe was much lower than at present (sometimes even higher than at present!).

The optical phenomenon of blue light in the Grotta produces a truly enchanting experience during a bright sunny day.