Marbella for nature lovers

2016-07-08 08:04:29

For passionate nature lovers, the best part of the whole travel experience is discovering more about the natural wonders of the places they are visiting. 


While Marbella may be brimming with shops and glamorous restaurants frequented by the well heeled and those of celebrity status, for the more down to earth traveller, this place has greatly exciting things on offer.

Here are 5 reasons any discerning nature lover should visit this stunning area.

!. The Climate
Because of where Marbella is located, it is subjected to a unique microclimate. In the north it is protected from the elements by the Cordillera Penibética Mountains and to the south by the famously temperate Mediterranean Sea. With average temperatures of 18°C and 300 plus days of sunshine a year, there really is no better reason to come and visit.

2. Flora
There is an incredible variety of plants, trees and beautiful flowers in this area, primarily due to the different terrains found here. The mountains are home to various pine, chestnut and cherry trees, while the sand dunes along the beaches offer the ideal environment for long grasses, sea holly and sand lilies.
If you have more than just a passing interest in flora, head to the Bonsai museum in town, or the Parque de la Constitución, in the town centre, which has several well looked-after tropical plants and shrubs.

3. Fauna
Reason number 3 is for the birdwatchers among you. For any birdwatcher, Marbella is a paradise. Perfectly located between Europe and Africa, the area is right in the middle of well-known migration routes. You will see hawks, falcons, eagles and vultures, as well as smaller, more elusive species such as jays and hoopoes. It is worth keeping an eye out, even when travelling from Málaga Airport to Marbella.

4. Excursions
If you want to explore more of the natural world of Marbella, there are several companies which offer organised group excursions, led by expert guides. Choose from dolphin-watching, eco-tours through the local national park (Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park) or sailing.