Hormone therapy for men

2016-11-02 14:12:21

When most of us think of the benefits of hormone therapy, we think about replacing estrogen in women as they get older and reach the stage of menopause. This type of medical management can help many women overcome and avoid some of the negative effects of getting older while resolving many of the annoying and downright painful symptoms related to reduced and depleted hormone level as they age.


However, there are changes in the hormone levels of men as they age as well. It has long been common knowledge that levels of testosterone dramatically drop as men get older. Testosterone is responsible for a number of effects in the body and levels initially start to decline during the second decade of life. By the time men reach their fourth and fifth decade, the effects of low testosterone can become quite obvious. This male version of menopause is often called andropause and occurs over a much shorter time period than the female version of hormone reduction. While menopause usually starts very quickly and reaches a peak within a few years, andropause can take as many as 20 years to develop and men may not notice any adverse effects until well into the final stages. 

This loss of testosterone has widespread effects on a great many parts of the body. Some of the more obvious ones include loss of sex drive and lethargy. However, testosterone is also responsible for some lesser known effects in the body and low levels can cause increased tiredness, loss of muscle, increased deposits of fat that are more difficult to get rid of, irritability, depression, headaches and migraines, retention of water, and increased levels of bad cholesterol. Hormone therapy in men can help halt or even reverse many of these negative processes.

It is important to keep in mind that hormone therapy will not cure all problems in men as they age. However, it can have a significant effect on a few areas that will dramatically affect a man's overall outlook on life. For example simply by increasing libido back to the level it was at when they were younger, a man can have a much more enjoyable sex life and a much happier marriage. In this way, simply assisting in one area does not cure everything, but helps a lot with all areas. 

Hormone therapy has been studied extensively and is an apparently safe and effective way to improve your health as you age. Contact your physician for a full check up before starting any replacement program and determine if this is the right plan for you and your health goals.