The effects of Turkish organic tea

2016-05-19 16:22:16

Turkey is the only country which snows on the tea in the world. Snow prevents insect occurance. For this reason, it doesn’t  need to disinfestation.Thus, Turkish tea have a right to world’s most organic tea degree.


It is not snow in China, India, Sri Lanka on the tea. These countries use the chemical drug to struggle with the illnesses which occured on the tea, and insects.Thus, the tea which is really beneficial becomes harmful.
Tea is the most drinking beverage after the water.Actually, the tea is a culture of it self.0t is indispensable for Turkish people.We drink tea in everywhere; at home,at work,at the park,at a cake shop,on the boat.We exaggerate this issue,and we go to our friend’s home, just to drink tea.Moreover, we force someone who doesn’t drink tea to drink tea.Also, tea is the name of breaks.We threat them by saying ‘If you don’t drink, i will be angry’ and we make them drink. In Turkey 96 of every 100 person drinks Turkish Tea.Rest of others who doesn’t drink are babies.We sure that also they  will be theic when they grow up. Tea has a lot of positive effect on our bodies. The tea which is good for headaches,heart diseases,tumours and urethritis, rises up the high density lipoprotein and reduce the low density lipoprotein.Rik of heart attack and paralysis less than compare to others that doesn’t drink tea. The flouride which exist in the tea prevents dental cavities.The tea has the feature of heating our insides and our hands in cold days.
The other interesting feature of the tea, it contains both caffeine and theanine in it.The caffeine that it contains, has removing fatigue and freshening up effects, but if you pay attention, it is not as stimulant as coffee. At this point,theanine steps in.Theanine is an aminoacid, special for tea and it balance the over stimulant effect of coffeine.Thus the tea that we drink in a certain extent will be relieving.