Pillow cure for neck pain

2016-03-31 15:56:10

Sleep is a very wonderful gift from the natural to all the living being as it take our body to the another world of dream and this provides our body comfort as well. The best thing about the sleep is it is the crucial part of the life as it gives the body freshness next day as well make the mood happy. 


Many people go to the gym and the trainer advice them to have a sleep of more than 8 hours because sleeping also helps in body tissue recovery and re-energizing. But sometimes a un-normal thing takes place which is starting pain in the body. When we wake after a deep sleep and our body starts pain which looks totally awkward. For this, we change the mattress of the bed, but it continues, and we found that this is entirely wrong with over pillow which is real sucks.

The key point is when we go for the sleep our body not able to acquire a proper posture for the sleeping. As per from the doctors advice, we should sleep in an upright manner as we do while standing which is a bad thing.

We have pain in our shoulder, back and neck. The common cause of the pain is as there are many cartilages, tendons, muscles, and tiny bones in the neck. As there are small seven bones in the neck, and they are a part of a single column of bone, which is the cervical of spine. These bones are not even connected to each other in a direct way but set on a fluid bed. Zhe most responsible part to protect the major part of the human anatomy. It supports central nervous system and allows free movement of the neck and head.

Any part of the spine can be pinched or compressed causing numbness and pain especially at night when you are sleeping. To prevent stiffness, injury, and pain keeping your neck in line with back and head is vital.

So for this, we require a good pillow which can solve the issue of the pain in the neck which is very common, shoulder pain and back pain

Here are several points we should focus on while buying any pillow for the sleeping pain:

· The pillow should be soft.
· Not too high for the neck
· Have a perfect shape to provide proper posture to neck.
· Good pillows
· Check the pillow width always not more thin or thick.
· The pillow should be made of cotton material.

These are points you should focus, and these are those points you should not follow:

· Using pillows at an inclined position.
· Watching TV while sleeping in the wrong position.
· Not adapting erect position for the body.
· Very hard pillow.
· Wrong side sleeper positions.
· Sleeping on the stomach.