Facts about junk food addiction

2016-03-02 14:41:07

If you think you are addicted to junk foods then you are not alone. This food industry is consistently trapping almost everyone each day. 


Each second around 75 hamburgers are ordered in the U.S. The flavor engineers of junk foods know about the basics of neurological chemicals that trigger our brain to 'feel good'.

Eating sugary and fatty foods releases chemical called opioids in our brains. Opioids are the ingredients present in heroin, cocaine and many other things. So the relaxing effects someone feels while eating junk foods are obvious and avoiding such kind of addiction is like avoiding any habit. This whole process builds up a junk foods addiction. Children are the major targets of marketing group belonging to junk foods, by initiating temptation by providing free toys and their so called 'happy meals' to them. Anyone who is an adult at present connects his or her memory to childhood incidences attached to fast foods. This industry is focused only upon making money and does no good to anyone's health. Despite of knowing the facts about junk foods, people still go crazy whenever they pass nearby to its restaurants.

Some of the shocking facts about this harmful industry are:

1. It never rots: Whichever thing is natural surely gets rotten over time. The nature is designed in that way. But a hamburger belonging to junk foods was once stored since 1996 till 2008, was as fresh as if newly bought. This indicates that this food is not a 'real' food. Not only just hamburgers, the French fries too are capable to do that very well.

2. French 'vegetarian' fries are actually not vegetarian: French fries are actually seasoned with flavoring substances prepared with beef just before sending for cooking in refined vegetable oil.

3. Too high in calories: junk foods calorie value of meals ranges from 2500 to 3500. A person who has consumed French fries, coke and a big burger would need to walk on a trade mill for about 7 hours a day to burn all those calories. This is practically impossible for anyone and hence this industry grows everyday to provide addiction leading to serious health hazards.