Useful iPad protection tips

2018-05-11 15:34:56

Getting that gorgeous iPad was the climax of this year? Well, why don't you try and protect it against scratches to make sure the screen remain intact. Here's why you should do so.


If you have doled out the money to buy a new Appleipad, you are probably doing all you can to protect your new toy. So what about an ipad screenprotector? 

Apple has allegedly stopped producing and selling them, although you can still buy them from other vendors. We will look at the pros and cons of screen protectors, but first consider whyapple has stopped promoting them.

The ipad screen is made of a specially coated glass that is more durable than the drinking glasses in your cupboard.  It makes the screen easier to clean, but not unbreakable.  A screen protector will not keep your screen from breaking if you drop it a long distance, but will protect it from scratches.  Most likely Apple stopped promoting them because they do not want buyers to think that their products are fragile, and because screen protectors can be notoriously difficult to apply without ending up with air bubbles under the screen. 

 Applying a screen protector to a smaller Appleproduct (like an iphone or ipod touch) is relatively easy, and most vendors that sell screen protectors will do it for you.  However, applying the protector to a larger screen like on the ipad is a bit more tricky. If the vendor you purchased it from will not apply it, make sure your screen is clean (use a microfibercloth, which you can buy at a dollar store, if possible) and begin applying at one corner, using a credit card to smooth it on. This should keep any air bubbles from forming under the protective screen.