The benefits of online storage

2017-10-26 12:39:42

The pervasiveness of technology has provided benefits as well as challenges for users. Computer technology permits speedy production, transmission, and retrieval of vast amounts of data.


Computer technology can also fail dramatically, especially when users need it most. Virtually every user has experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of working on a project for hours and then having their data disappear.  Many users have been victims of hackers, vandalism, theft and natural disasters.  Fortunately, there are now simple cost effective solutions.  Many users today trust online storage to save them from these problems.  Online storage keeps this data secure. One of the best advantages for users who utilize this service is quick data recovery when the user’s physical computer or storage device is lost or stolen. Additionally, there are a variety of other facts associated with online storage that make it an appealing option.

Reducing Computer Dependency
With online storage, users no longer have to depend completely on their physical computer system. Reliable though they can be, hardware and software can fail. Often recovery is not an option. This means the user loses all of their data. In these situations, users need something more dependable. They need something more secure and redundant than another piece of hardware external from their network. This is where online storage helps.
Reducing Virus Attacks
Computer viruses spread through the Internet, posing a constant threat. Viruses are notorious for destroying or corrupting data. In some instances, viruses are created to extract personal information or to even completely destroy a user’s computer system. Users need to protect their data from these types of viruses. This requires state-of-the-art security, firewalls, and encrypting software.  Quality online storage providers include 256-bit encryption for data transfers as well as 256-bit on-disk encryption.  This keeps a users’ information stored safely regardless of what happens to their computers.
Reducing Management Issues
When a user stores a photograph on their computer’s hard drive, they are relying on thestorage capability of that system. If the computer fails, the user will have no way to recover that photograph. Documents and media files saved to a computer system are only as safe as the computer. When a user’s computer system fails, they need to get back up quickly. With online storage a user can download their backup and get back on track quickly with minimal downtime. This feature is great for users who run a business or freelance from their homes. They typically don’t have the luxury of spending time trying to recover from data loss.