Signs to change your maintenance plan

2017-06-08 07:30:08

It is quite important to monitor maintenance plans as the longevity of the equipment depends on it. Moreover, in the hospitality industry, the equipment have multi operators and often it roughly handled. 


The disparaged types of the maintenance plans help to curtail the extra expenses that are supposed to be faced because of mishandling and the corrective maintenance plan saves a lot. You can either follow a written plan schedule or the best practice is to implement maintenance software.

The hospitality maintenance plan can be divided into four areas:

· Routine: This is the basic monitoring of start-up of major equipment and shutdowns, along with daily rounds.

· Emergency: Sudden failure of major or minor equipment that requires immediate fixtures.

· Corrective: This is generally treated as the gray maintenance as by repair the equipment can be restored to working order.

· Preventive: This will help you to plan the maintenance schedule for the equipment and pre-subscribe the annual schemes.

So here are the signs should not ignore:

Is your equipment failure situation constantly bugging you? This is because preventive measures are not taken on time. In case you are following your manual reports these human errors are bound to take place, best is to use software.

· Are you facing problem to keep a check on the actual costs or the labor hours with actual estimated costs? This is a common trouble for maintenance department that leads to confusion in budget calculations; software keeps the calculation record handy and stores it.

· Do you think your maintenance plan is not going according to the schedule? Well if plans are not implemented on time, the maintenance process gets delayed and suffers extra expenditure. It’s better to use software and have a clear insight about the same.

· Are you using the technology to escalate your operational duties? Often people do not use technology but for instance, technology helps you to identify the loops in your maintenance plan such as the equipment that needs service or refill of the inventory.

· Are you listening to your customer troubles during their stay? Certain maintenance related equipment may not run properly and customers end up complaining. The software allows you to identify the specific trouble and provide the solution before it too late.