How to choose laser toner

2016-10-14 21:33:45

A new addition to laser print cartridge technology has been to use computer chips in the functioning of the laser print cartridge. Most new laser print cartridges contain these chips, the chips must be replaced in all new laser print cartridges for the laser print cartridge to print when returned to the laser toner printer. 


The laser printing process calls for fusers used to thaw laser toners on pages. This makes the papers warm when they proceed off the printing machine. Majority laser toners come in black color though there are other colored cartridges. Colored laser toners are slightly expensive compared to the black laser toners. Laser toners refer to desiccated powdery substance that is charged attracting them to the drums of the printer. The machine usually transfers the toner on the paper then a fuser melts the toner into a permanent image. 

In a copier, the toner stored inside a cartridge is stuck on larger, positively charged beads. As toner-coated beads are made to roll over the drum, the toner particles are more attracted by the positively charged ions on the unexposed areas on the drum's surface than the weakly charged beads. Later, the same particles are attracted even more towards the electro-statically charged paper. The plastic in the toner lets the user keep it from jumping ship once he/she has finally gotten it on the paper. Now all that is needed is to apply heat to the toner. Once the temperature rises, the plastic particles melt and fuse the pigment to the paper. 

The development of colored toners now makes it possible to use laser printers for printing colored documents. Although it costs a little more than black laser toner, colored toner is still more cost efficient than using colored inkjet cartridges because laser printers use only a small amount of toner. This makes the use of colored laser toner as popular as its black counterpart. 

Printer compatibility is another important that you need to focus on before purchasing a toner. Ask from the vendor and ensure that opted laser printer can operate even on colored toners. Then check out the official website of that particular printer brands and read through customer's feedback on that model. This is a vital step because it would help you in choosing a reliable laser toner. In case if you don't keep this particular aspect in your mind while purchasing then there will be no other option but to buy expensive laser toner cartridges.