Evolution vs Creationism

2013-07-10 16:16:25

There are simple things in life that must be thoroughly explained. There are even individuals who just love explaining stuffs. They could be scientifically proven through scientific evidences, experiments as well as researches.


 History plays a necessary role in the changes of time. For this reason, scientists and researchers alike incest money and time to collect evidence of the existence of certain creatures on earth some million years ago. The debate over Evolution vs Creationism is something that has been on-going for a while. It revolves around the topic on the creation and also the evolution of man including other prehistoric creatures. 

This is a subject which is extensively discussed in all levels of school but there a some facts that not everyone has access to. The becoming of man and that of other creatures lacks thorough explanation. 

Although scientists and researchers have debunked the idea of evolution, you will find still some people who adhere to it. Some people still strive to provide a proof and a link between man and apes including other pre historic creatures to the species that we know now about.

In spite of modernity, there are people who has not let go on the idea of giant pre historic dinosaurs or that of the feathered dinosaurs which are now the birds. There are still others who have not let go on the belief of origins, historical events, ancient life and the like. 

There are plenty of things that occur that are results of man's actions. This include modernization in the form of towering buildings, houses, bridges that utilize chemicals that are threatening to the environment causing pollution of the air, land and water. It resulted to global warming that is the reason for the intense weather conditions and changes. The ozone layer continued to be thinner which can cause skin cancer when exposed with too much sunlight. Ice melts in Antarctica and other icy regions which turns Polar Bears into near extinction. 

Other people haven't fully admitted to this which brings them to the phase of climate change denial. Some website owners still provide means to help save planet. There are services and products that simply generate means to provide energy from nature. This include internet hosting services that utilize energy from the wind and sun among others. Solar panel is promoted as an alternative way of electricity production from the power of the sun. It might be something as simple as choosing the natural goods over the artificial products.