Best fish to eat

2017-06-28 07:53:44

Undoubtedly, pollution is a threat to fishes and to us. Due to pollution, the mercury levels in the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans have increased and the mercury consumed by fishes become a toxin (Methylmercury).


High exposure to mercury can affect the nervous system hence, it is important to buy from  the most reliable and trustable store that supplies only the good variety of fishes that are free from toxins.

Try these fishes, if you haven’t tried them yet!


This fatty fish has a high amount of omega-3 fatty acid that is healthy for the heart. The omega-3 capsules sold at the drug store is made from this fish. Why swallow capsules when you can eat fresh fish? The omega-3 content in this fish improves the brain function and development in infants and children and it is advisable for both men and women as they are low in mercury.


This variety of fish is mostly suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Unlike the fatty fishes, the omega-3 content is very less but they are a good choice for new mothers. This fish is again low in mercury, which is safe for children and adults.


Eat a couple of mackerel every week to lower the risk of heart diseases. The king mackerel has a high amount of mercury so it is not advisable for pregnant women however, you can choose the Atlantic and Pacific varieties that have less mercury content. You can buy them from the online fish store.


This is a low-mercury fish, which are good for the heart. Of course, it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Sardines are mostly packed with salts so you can expect a high level of sodium content. If you are specific, you need to look for packages that do not have any added salt. Enjoy the fresh fish in the late summers that are enriched with calcium, iron, protein and fatty acids.


If you plan to buy fish online, pick Tuna. Everyone loves Tuna fish and they are widely used in sandwiches and sushi. They have a moderate amount of mercury so it is advisable to consume the very limited number of fishes a week. They are tasty and yummy fishes loved by all.


It is a mild white fish also known as butterfish or black cod, which has a buttery texture. It has a great source of omega-3 and selenium that protects cells from damage. They can be pan-fried and served only once a week.


The low mercury fish is suitable for the balanced diet with omega-3s. It is essential to be consumed in equal measures to stay healthy and fit.