Types of beans

2016-05-23 15:39:25

Doctors and medical specialists often suggest people to consume different beans for different purposes. There are different types of beans all over the world. Here in this article, I will try to discuss about some of those.


1. Black Bean: Black beans are small in size. Generally they are oval shaped. I guess, it would be worthless to say what their color is. These beans possess a divine flavor with soft surface. These beans are also called Turtle Beans. These beans are rich in nutrients. It is a very good source of iron and fiber. Both precooked and dried black beans are available in the market. These beans are often used in Sauces, stews and different soups.

1. Broad Bean: Like black beans, these beans are also oval shaped. They are light brown in color. They have an earthly flavor as well as creamy surface. They are also good sources of fiber. They are sold as FAVA in the market. You can easily purchase these beans from the market as they sold both dried and fresh.
1. Butter Bean: Butter beans are flat, oval shaped and creamy. They are white in color. To have the mildest test, you have to consume the smallest dried ones. The baby size and regular size of these beans have a mushy surface. Butter bean in reach in foliate, fiber and iron. They are sold in the market in shell, frozen, dried and canned. They are also called Calico and Madagascar.
1. Coffee Bean: YES!! Coffee bean! The same coffee we drink every day. Their beans are very good very health too though excessive consumption of coffee results in some side effects. Coffee beans are basically the seeds of the coffee plant. These beans are a good source of Amino Acid, Protein, Carbohydrate and lipids.
1. Kidney Bean: Kidney beans are also called white kidney beans or cannelloni beans. So, you can easily understand about their color and shape. They have a very mild flavor. These beans are found in the market dried or canned. They are also a good substitute for Great Northern Beans and White Navy Beans.
1. Lima Bean: Lima beans are white in color. They are flat and oval shaped. They are often thought to be similar to butter beans. Doctors often suggest the diabetic patients to consume Lima Beans as they are not harmful for them. They carry fat but in a very limited amount.
1. Mung Bean: Mung beans are very small in size. They are of different colors. Some are green, some are brown, and others are black. They were first found in India and were known as Yellow Mung, Moong Dal or Yellow Spilt Mung. Now a day people consume it as Dal.
1. Navy Bean: Navy beans are also very small. They have a very strong flavor. They are also rich in fiber, folate and iron. Sometimes people call them Boston Bean, Pearl Haricot Bean, Yankee Bean or Fagiloi. Navy beans are often used in preparing Salads, Soup and other bean items.
1. Vanilla Bean: Vanilla beans are gathered from Vanilla fruit. There are commercial uses of vanilla. They are often used in different chemical experiments. They are also used in making powder and glycerol solution. In different cosmetic firms and chemistry labs, these types of beans are highly demanded now a day.
1. Vigna Bean: Vigna beans are collected from Vigna plant. Like Mung Beans, they are also consumed as Dal. The most important and interesting regarding these beans is that, they are often prescribed by doctors to be consumed as a part of medication for different diseases. So, you should definitely understand its health value.
Now, we are at the end of this article. What have you learnt so far? I was aiming at informing you about the uses and nutrients of different beans. If you are helped, then I am happy. Beans are very important for our health. We always should try to consume beans once in a day.