Animal hybrids, the magic of diversity

2016-04-01 14:33:28

A huge diversity of animal world is indisputable fact, but even this natural environment does not remain without human interference. Scientific progress, in genetics particularly, has a large base for testing and new achievements. 


The boundaries of science are merely impossible to imagine, as far as researches are conducted in various fields. It is specifically associated with animal hybrids, which became the objects of both adoration and study. People cannot state for sure, if all animal species are discovered and studied, but simultaneously they create new species. Moreover, hybrids are crossed as well. The peculiar thing is that scientists have to operate with related genes to gain a successful result. In this context, hybrid animals appear within species families that have similar sets of genetic chromosomes. Most of the hybrids were bred artificially in captivity. However, many were seen in their natural habitat.

One of the vivid examples is species crossing of dogs and wolves. Despite their visual similarities there are some behavioral differences one should know about. One of the top features of a wolf is its hunter’s instinct, which testifies of its superiority in species family. Therefore, results of crossing can be very unpredictable. A special training should be provided if someone would like “to chat” with a new breed.

Another example of spontaneous and unpredictable animal is zebra, and, of course, it is likely to be crossed with hoofed domestic animals. Notwithstanding the appeared animals are pretty awesome and beautiful. The so-called zebroids family has a few new members at its disposal; zorse – zebra and horse, zonk – zebra and donkey, zony – zebra and pony crossing.

Most of people are aware of llama and alpaca being related, but less people know that camels are their indigenous relatives, so, their hybrids are possible. Mating is usually made artificially because of substantial difference in sizes. A hybrid has small ears and a long tail like a camel, but it has also cloven hooves like a llama. And most importantly, there is no hump!

One of the most incredible hybrids on Earth is liger – a lion and tigress crossing result. Ligersbecame the biggest representatives of Felidae family. On the contrary, a hybrid of female lion and tiger cannot compete in sizes, but its beauty goes without saying. Lions are also crossed with leopards. A new species usually have a lion’s head and leopard’s body. Its lifestyle is often comprised of swimming and tree climbing.