How to identify a poisonous snake?

Identifying poisonous snakes is not always that easy. This is especially true if you come across one that is close by.

Secrets of the Great Bear Rainforest

For spectacular wildlife watching, the Great Bear Rainforest offers the opportunity to view Black and Brown Bears in the unspoiled wilderness of North America. 


Save the environment with reusable bags

In a society filling with environmental topics, reusable bags became people's daily necessities. However, how about our knowledge of environmental protection?There are bags with cotton and non-woven.

How to get a horse to trust you

Trust is necessary when you wish to control your horse with ease. Certainly, you can still ride a horse that you are uncomfortable with but it will be harder to control a horse when it feels threatened or uncomfortable around you. 


Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa

The name Kilimanjaro's name is a mystery wreathed in the clouds according to the indigenous people who lives at the bottom of that mountain. Its size is believed to be 5,895 metres (19,336 feet) with its geographical location being in the Northern Tanzania, near Moshi Town.


Cape Town Ocean activities

Cape Town is based in a unique position surrounded by oceans. The 1000m high peninsula divides the Atlantic Ocean side with the Indian Ocean side and the expansive False Bay is 30 kilometers wide at its widest point. 


Science behind Global Warming

The climate is however very changeable these days. Getting the politics right has been half the fight. Unfortunately, the right policy has been held at bay partially by having the right knowledge of what’s happening to the climate.


Animal adoption

The idea of having a pet is an idea that many people consider but they rarely take the various needs of their new pet into account when they start the process to adopt this pet. 


New home heating technologies

Many companies are now studying new modern and environmentally friendly solutions for home heating.


The power of pheromones

People in this state are high, their brains awash in pheromone chemicals let loose by the neurochocemical gates. But humans are not automatons. 


Disadvantages of organic agriculture

Unfortunately, at the moment retailers are charging artificially high prices. I was in the supermarket last week which is a rare occurrence as I shop locally where possible, and I nearly died when I saw the prices being charged for organic yogurt and eggs compared to the non-organic brands.


Environment friendly building techniques

Some environmentally friendly building techniques to keep in mind as your new home is built include the following ideas.


Danger after flood

When returning to a home that has been flooded after natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, be aware that your house may be contaminated with mold or sewage, which can cause health risks for your family.


Make your office Eco friendly

There are so many ways that you can actually get eco friendly in your office. There are many different ideas that you can come up with, but you have to make sure that you stick to them.


Mountain climbing in the Philippines

Aside from being a magnet for beach bummers, the Philippines is also a household name when it comes to mountain climbing and hiking. With over 7,000 mountainous islands, the archipelago is surely every hiker’s paradise. Trekking Philippine mountains allows hikers to explore the country’s rich biodiversity.


World is running out of non-renewable resources

We often hear that we are in danger of running out of non-renewable resources. But, what exactly is a non-renewable resource? 


Two centuries of recycling

Pre-Industrial wastes consisted of bones, ash and vegetable matter, easily recycled into compost. Disposal sites were used to get rid of broken pottery and broken tools. With localised small populations, many materials were recycled and re-used, rather than simply being disposed of. It wasn't until the Industrial revolution that centralisation of industry allowed for more formal recycling methods to be developed. 


The future of electronics recycling

Once electronics became small enough and inexpensive enough to be used and replace in quick cycles, the amount e-waste started to accumulate at an exponential rate. E-cycling has only recently become widespread. This is because for a long time, electronic items were simply disposed of in landfills. 


Clean water for all people

Water is essential for life on Earth, and clean freshwater is a necessity for humans in order to live healthy and happy lives. Why do not everyone have access to clean drinking water, and what can we do about it?


Build ant habitats for your kids

Embracing this new figurative approach can be rather challenging for some of the parents, as they’re concerned with the primary risks involved in such methodologies, but such vacillations have been eradicated soon enough as they children from the elementary levels are introduced to the lifecycle of the largest colonial insects of the world – the ants.


Career in the Green Industry

With the Green Industry growing and the demand for energy efficiency only rising, what are some of your options for a career? We’re going to take a look at some to give us an idea of the variety and even encourage ideas to sprout new ones.


The amazing tigers

For those planning to embark on a Tiger watching tour, these 10 unusual facts offer a fascinating insight into the magnificent animal.


Dirty secrets of electricity

More and more forward thinking people are focusing on ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  They want to have a positive impact in environment they live.  That is the very reason people need to understand the impact of electricity generation on the environment.  


Ecosystem and Economy

Every system works in a certain capacity and we can dissect each system to point out important components of it and their purpose in the system.


Animal hybrids, the magic of diversity

A huge diversity of animal world is indisputable fact, but even this natural environment does not remain without human interference. Scientific progress, in genetics particularly, has a large base for testing and new achievements. 


Choose a natural gas company

Do you own a home and you are sick and tired of burning wood and want to switch to a cleaner fuel to heat your home? 


The natural springs in Florida

Florida has a unique natural water movement system that can move vast amounts of yearly rainfall. The “system” moves water above and below ground by using gravity to push water in underground aquifers and various methods to move water above ground such as rivers, streams, swamps, and evaporation to name a few.


The Koala Bears

The scientific name for koala Bear is Phascolarctos cinereus and is part of an arboreal marsupial with a despairing similarities of a wombat.