Nissan Primera, a smart choice for used car buyers

2018-04-25 15:25:55

Most Japanese D-segment used  cars were chosen by customers mainly due to reliability.


Unfortunately, many people gave up on their purchase due to too conservative styling. That was the Nissan Primera, but the manufacturer decided to remedy this situation by launching model P12.

The first generation of the Nissan Primera debut in 1990, the second appeared in showrooms 5 years later. Cars were famed for their above-average reliability, passed by hundreds of thousands of miles without major failure. Their only drawback was not very sophisticated styling.

However, the Japanese decided once and for all break the dull design of the D segment in 2001 presented another Nissan Primera distanced himself from the image of a boring car. The new styling made the model began to stand out in its class, but also aroused controversy.

Generation of the European market you could buy a P12 since 2002 in three body styles: sedan, lift back and estate. Structure in 2005 passed a silent upgrade, and offer quite withdrawn engine 1.9 DCI emergency units. Production Nissan Primera was completed in 2008 and the Japanese manufacturer has not announced a successor.

The palette has six motor units. The basic petrol version has a 1.6 liter 109 HP, slightly more powerful 1.8 liter developing 116 hp. These are not bikes to do. The base engine is far too weak for such a big car, his gripe is the timing chain stretching. 1.8-liter version is also burned for dynamics, except that there are cases of damage to the piston rings and excessive consumption of engine oil.

The best choice would be the 140-horsepower 2.0-liter engine, a little smoke and is sufficiently flexible. Drivers looking for stronger varieties theoretically still having a choice of 2.5-liter engine 170 HP. unfortunately, this version will not find on the Polish market.

Those who rely on savings, definitely opt for one of the diesels. Unfortunately, the choice of diesel is associated with considerable risk. The basic 120-hp variant of the 1.9 DCI Renault production has problems with the fuel injection system and turbocharger. Much more durableengine design is Japanese 2.2 DCI (126-139 HP), often confused with emergency engine of the same capacity mounted in Laguna. Though occasionally happen here ailments electronics.

Regardless of the version of the power is transmitted in a Nissan Primera P12 to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable automatic transmissionCVT. Bury choose the latter option because of problems with electronic control.