Tips for electric bike owners

2017-11-02 17:32:09

Your electric bike is  great for the city, especially as it gets you places on the cheap. If you want to keep it in good health, there are some care guidelines to follow like any other machine. With the right care, you can even improve the mileage over time.


Conserving battery

If you use your battery for everything, chances are it is going to run out soon. Remember to keep track of your battery charge and use it in rations instead of all at once. Going uphill right off the bat using battery power puts a lot of stress on the motor, so review your torque assist stats and apply the power accordingly. Usually, a pedal assisted climb does the trick.

Riding rules

You can wear out your bike motor if you aren’t careful with your power. Always remember to start slow and then bring out the power mode. This can help you save charge and cover longer distances quickly. Don’t run on high power for too long as it may burn out the circuits and cause a meltdown. Unless it’s built specifically for off-road or mountain biking, don’t tax your bike by powering up on the uphill or on dirt. You should also be well versed in changing flats as that can happen out of the blue.

Fully charged Battery

Always remember to top the battery off even after a short ride to help increase the longevity of your device. Some basic battery charging etiquette includes:

· Avoid overcharging for risk of fire.
· Make sure the temperature during charging is not over 30 degrees Celsius.
· Avoid modifying or disassembling the battery.
· Always plug charger to bike first, and then switch on.

Taking care of your battery will increase the life of your battery bike and you can go greater distances on a single charge every time.

Mechanical system care

Brake pads tend to wear out with heavy use so keep an eye out for it. Flats can happen anytime without warning and you should know how to change one. Wheel spokes can lose their tension over time and even in hot summers which are dangerous in case it comes undone while riding. Keep an eye out for battery and motor problems, and keep a well-oiled machine at all times for best performance.

Remember, you will have a speed cap that is assuredly well under the speed limit, but you will still be dealing with traffic so keep an eye out for your momentum to avoid getting into accidents. It is easier on the mechanics to roll to a stop rather than hard braking, and it would be wise to save that move for emergencies.