Subaru Forester, for sporty families

2016-11-21 14:48:37

Subaru is one of the most well respected automotive brands on the Australian market. The company is a class leader within the SUV segment, meaning that the Subaru Forester is a sensible choice. 


However, before committing to purchase a Subaru Forester for sale, it is important that you assess all of the factors to consider to make an informed choice.

One of the most important aspects for considering a Subaru Forester for sale, is to know the basic information about the vehicle. The 2017 Forester model was the first small SUV vehicle to pass the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety mandated tests. The Forester also features attractive pricing with even Subaru Forester diesel models being very reasonably priced compared to other SUVs on the market. Subaru models are particularly well known for their economy and reliability. This offers longer term benefits for new owners. The Forester provides great road handling with a comfortable roomy interior. While the Forester has five seats, if seven seats are required, the Tribeca is a bigger version Subaru. The Subaru Forester not only looks attractive but provides reassuring handling on off road terrain or slippery conditions.
Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Subaru Forester for Sale:
If you have never driven an SUV, it is important to assess whether a Forester would be suited to your particular requirements. You will need to determine if the Forester would provide sufficient cargo space and suit the type of cargo you typically carry. The Forester is generally higher than standard hatchbacks and saloon vehicles. This not only provides a higher driving perspective but makes loading a little easier for most people. However, even a small model SUV like the Forester is bigger than a typical hatchback. This can make it a little more challenging to park and manoeuvre in small spaces such as tight driveways and car parks.

You will also need to assess whether you wish to consider a new or used model diesel and petrol options are readily available in both new and used models, so it is more likely to be a decision based on your budget and the features available. The new Japan Australia trade agreement has meant that Subaru has reduced many prices on new models, but this can also influence the price on second hand models. In fact, many dealerships are likely to be offering attractive pricing on existing models to make room for new stock. New models will also benefit from the newly introduced capped price servicing for the vehicle lifetime. This may make it more beneficial to opt for a new vehicle rather than a used model.