Business and the Winter Olympic Games

2018-02-16 15:33:55

Are you all caught up in the Olympics for the last week and a half?


If so, you aren't alone. Did you know there are lessons to be learned 
for your own business, when you watch the events?

Businesses are doing great with an association to the Olympics - 
and you can use the same tactics as the businesses and as the 
athletes - to boost your sales. 

Business branding has come a long way - the Olympics have allowed a 
good avenue for companies to showcase their products. For some, the 
insertion of coupons and samples into "goody bags" given to people and 
the audience, people in lines, etc., will go a long way in getting new 
business. There are others that have come up with cutting edge outfits 
and items geared just for the Olympics, or comparable to items used by 
the athletes. This has pushed their business forward. The networks 
covering the Games even put a plug in for many of these new items. Now 
people nationally are looking for ways to buy them. If you can offer the 
same items from your site, make it a point!

As for the athletes, they have a lot to teach you in your business, as well. 
The qualities they have been showing are the same ones you can use to 
succeed with. Here are some:

 They train well - they absorb their sport and all the technical 
aspects of it. They use everything wisely and to the fullest. They KNOW 
what they are using, and what they are talking about. They can convince 
anyone of the worth of their equipment and training methods. Can you 
do and say the same about what you are doing in your business?

They don't give up. They FOCUS and keep pushing forward. They 
get up when they fall, and continue on. They don't lose sigh of their goals. 
What about you?

 They are loved when they are good sports. They support others, 
support the competition, congratulate them, and are gracious. These are 
the people that everyone LOVES. They learn from the competition, and 
study their training methods and moves. As for you, be kind to your 
competition, and don't knock them. Learn from them, and let them help 
you learn to be wiser about your business.

The athletes have learned not to cheat, and many have learned that the 
experience and opportunity to be at the Games is the satisfaction, and a 
medal isn't everything. Find satisfaction in each victory you get, and 
that as every competition cannot be won, neither can every sale. Don't 
cheat - it catches up to you. 

One great aspect of competition - the audience loves to see the athletes 
smile. This warms them to the audience and gives a good feeling. People 
connect with you. In your business, smile with your clients, and smile on 
the phone and on emails - it shows through!

I have seen a lot of this in many years. Years ago I worked at the Olympic 
Training Center in Colorado Springs, under Bob Mathias as my manager. 
Talk about a great role model for kids to look up to. He showed so much 
class and sportsmanship. These days, I follow my daughter on her 
competitive journeys in figure skating. I see the whole gamut of competitive 
behavior. But you know which kids the others gravitate toward. These are 
the ones who behave as above, and have the same qualities that make the 
Olympic athletes special.